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«Сибирский государственный университет физической культуры и спорта»

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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Siberian State University of Physical Education and Sport


Our address      Maslennikov st, 144, Omsk, 644009 (zip-code)
Rector’s parlor  tel./fax: 8 (3812) 36-56-54
e-mail  rector@sibgufk.ru



Traditions of the university have got powerful roots and sources. The story of the future Siberian state university of physical education stated 60 years ago. It was Lesgaft’s follower professor A.S.Pirussky who established the first physical education institute in Siberia( in Tomsk) in 1920. But it existed only till 1923 owing to economic difficulties of that time. Lack of the educational establishment, training highly qualified personnel in the field of physical education and sport on such a vast territory as Siberia did not last for a long time. In 30-40 training schools in physical education were opened in a number of Siberian cities (Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk) , including Omsk training school which was opened in 1945 on the base of school number66 (the first director was M.A.Kuznetsov). In 5 years it was transformed into Omsk State Institute of Physical Education according to the order of Committee of physical education and sport of USSR №164 from April, 27, 1950 under the order of the Council of Ministers of USSR№ 1046-r from April, 21, 1950. In September of 1950 100 young men and women (a half of whom are the graduates of the technical school in physical education) began to study.
The building for the new higher educational establishment which was built in 1934 and was designed as a club did not fit for studying: there were no studying rooms and gyms.

It was students and teachers who rebuilt the institute. Thanks to their efforts gyms for wrestling, boxing, calisthenics, fencing, sports games appeared, as well as accommodations for cycling, laboratories, work shops, car parks. The majority of the faculty members had no experience in working in the higher educational establishment, because they had just finished institutes in physical education.

Having graduated from the state central institute of physical education, L.I.Nozhkin, V.F.Gromyko, A.A.Makarov (skiing); N.N.Nigachev, B.A.Baljaev, V.I.Kukushkin, A.G.Strjukova (sports games); E.P.Rezunov, F.B.Vorovich, V.K.Filippov, A.M.Dikunov (gymnastics), Kovesnikov couple and N.D.Rjabkov; N.S.Trubin (fencing), G.G.Tretjak (swimming), G.Makarova (track and field) worked here.. In 1953 in Omsk state institute of physical education the next group of young teachers: from Saint Petersburg National State University of Physical Education, Sports and Health Named after P. F. Lesgaft - spouses Zhuchkovy (he is a thrower-athlete, she is a skater) and hockey player V.P.Voronov; from Kiev - athletes O.Kobranov and V.Zaporozhanov; basketball players - spouses Elistratovy; from state central institute of physical education - V.N.Golubev and J.A.Dmitriev , and also the graduate of the Leningrad university the teacher of a foreign language E.P.Nikolaeva (Larionova). As a result of struggling against t cosmopolitism in 1950 D.D.Donskoy was banished to Omsk D.D.Donskoj. The versatile sportsman, the passionate skier, scientist - the author of many articles, monographies and textbooks on the biomechanic, he was the first candidate of science and the founder of research work at institute.

D.Donskoj was loved by students and respected by faculty members. He visited all the competitions held at the institute, especially in cross-countries,in which he often took part. He read the lecture course in human anatomy, and held a practical training in an anatomic museum. He made an invaluable contribution to the development of Omsk State Institute of physical education.

Thus, Omsk gathered graduates and experts of three leading sports higher education institution, who formed a good teaching team, capable to reach the aim of preparing highly skilled specialists for sports movement in the country. We recollect . I.A.Manujlov ( the person of the encyclopedic knowledge, the first doctor of sciences , chairholder of physiology ), assistant professor S.D.Dobrosmyslova ( chairholder of education sciences), the Chemistry teacher A.I.Syskova; E.J.Elpedinskaya (the chairholder of therapeutic exercise), assistant professor G.S.Demetra, S.I.Dudov (the chairholder of boxing), assistant professor , political economy teacher F.D.Momot, assistant professor of anatomy subdepartment P.A.Olfert, G.P. Gorenkova (who formed original calisthenics school), Yu.Ya.Sapozhnikov( the initiator of Omsk Greco-Roman wrestling school) with deep respect and warm gratitude.

Many chairholder, , heads of divisions, faculty members are graduates of this higher educational institution. A journey from the technician to the professor, doctor of sciences was made by A.M.Dikunov, E.A.Mazonko . V.K.Balsevich first worked for the track and field subdepartment and contributed much efforts to establishing biomechanics subdepartment , the head of which he was for 16 years , and organizing the problem scientific and research laboratory of age-specific pedagogy of sport , the research advisor of which he was.

Since 1965 professor J.P.Simakov’s pedagogical activity was begun. Being the participant of the Great Patriotic War and the doctor of pedagogical sciences, he has devoted all life to higher education. Many first graduates headed important fields at the institute: J.J.Tesman - Track and field chairman; L.N.Kochergov –the chairman of theory of physical training, the provost for n a correspondence education department, i.A.. rector; V.V.Gromyko - the rector; V.A.Silivanovich - cycling chairman; O.P.Krikoryants - fencing chairholder, etc.

Surveying the way passed by academy, it is necessary to tell about its heads who have made much for strengthening of a material resources, perfection of educational process, preparation of highly skilled experts, augmentation of nice scientific and sports traditions, about many of them it would be possible to write the book. We will simply list their worthy contribution to high school affairs.

The first director of institute was Victor Grigorevich Golovlyov (1950 - 1955) who was one of the strongest athletes of Siberia before the war. He worked hard to prove the necessity of opening the institute in Omsk to local and central directing bodies.

Nikolay Jakovlevich Bogdanov (1955 - 1964) came to changeV.G.Golovlev. N.J.Bogdanov's activity in the position of the rector was remembered by the beginning of building of new base of institute and hostels.

The new rector - Anatoly Dormidontovich Chistyakov (1964 - 1972), the former secretary of Omsk regional committee of the party, the organizer, the person of rare sincere qualities finished first stage of building .The majority of chairs moved to the new classes. Purposeful, rhythmical work began. On new base fighters could train –the building had a new hall. Swimmers received the Olympic pool "Albatross". Students began to live in a good hostel.

Vasiliy Viktorovich Gromyko (1972 - 1981) - initiative, extraordinary hardworking, knowing, rigid and ambitious – was next head. It was he who finished building of the institute and reformed (garden room with the gym)

The subsequent rectors - Nikolay Dmitrievich Shirochenno (1981 - 1987), Dmitry Vdadimirovich Majstrishin (1987 - 1991), current rector Vladimir Ivanovich Mikhalev wrote the pages in the development of institute-academy-university. In the course of time pedagogical skill of teachers was improved, there were achievements in scientific work, chairs, sports base were extended, new directions and specialities were opened.

According to the order of the State committee of the Russian Federation on higher education № 554 from June, 7th, 1994 Omsk State Institute of Physical Education was renamed into the Siberian state academy of physical education. in 2000 the Siberian state academy had its anniversary. Academy was 50 years old.

Since 2003 the new historical report of time has begun. According to the order of state physical education and sport committee of the Russian Federation № 102 from February, 26th, 2003 Siberian state academy of physical education was renamed into Siberian state university of physical education. For the university it was the time of different events - bright and ordinary, joyful and sad. But there was much more good time, after all today Siberian state academy of physical education is the large educational, scientific, sports, methodical center which carries out multilevel preparation, retraining and improvement of professional skills of spesialists in the field of physical training and sports. Its graduates can be met not only in the Urals, in Siberia and in the Far East, but also in villages and cities of the European part of Russia. They successfully work at schools, technical schools, high schools and the various sports organizations.

For 60 years of activity of the university diplomas of the university have been received by more than 32 thousand specialists, including 40 Olympic champions and medalists, 275 merited coaches, more than 115 merited physical training specialists.

Faculty members of the university is constantly improving the system of specialist preparing, it allowed the university to prove its competence and earn a great reputation in the field of physical education both in our country and abroad.

Following calls of the times the governing body of the university tries to fulfill educational and scientific potential of the university. New specialities, called for the job market, are opened. Today the university completes education in 4 directions and 12 specialities.

University of physical education and sport includes 5 departments, 24 chairs, scientific and research institute of human being’s activity in extreme conditions, department of further professional education, PhD studying, centre for doctoral training, dissertation council, historical and sports museum, advanced courses for coaches and other subdivisions and auxiliary services.

The university has good studying and sports accommodations, including: an integrated swimming centre, a track-and-field indoor stadium, a stadium with football fields and tracks, 25 sports halls, classrooms, laboratories with technology-based aids. Students and faculty members can use a modern library which is a united information system with a modern software. The library has the richest collection of books, newspapers and magazines.

Educational process is carried out by more than 215 faculty members, among whom 23 ScDs, and Grand PhDs, and professors, 120 PhDs and assistant professors.

Owing to the qualified faculty members, a good scientific potential, graduates are always job-marketable and approve themselves worthily in different social and economical fields of the country. 

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